Thursday, December 4, 2014

Simple, homemade!

Lately, I’ve had many people ask me why I spend so much energy on making everything from scratch.  To me it’s pretty simple.  Once you make your first loaf of crusty bread and your house smells like warmth and comfort, you can never go back to store bought, never. The first bite of a slice of warm crusty bread with rich melted butter, is in itself a moment of enlightenment. It is Zen, completely beautiful in its simplicity. This is my philosophy for food in general. 

Friends, family and clients alike often seem surprised that a dish they’ve never enjoyed before, just tastes so good when I make it.  The truth is I’m not gifted and I don’t have any special talents. It’s because everything is homemade.  Everything tastes just as it was intended.  We’ve come so used to consuming processed and factory foods that we forget how glorious, real, simple, healthful foods can be.  So let’s leave our mothers frozen lasagnas behind and stick to our grandmother’s from scratch recipes!   

Here’s are two ridiculously simple bread recipes to make.  This first recipe from Leite’s Culinaria is simple to follow and uses only things everyone has in their kitchen. *Important, do not use any glassware in this recipe, your just asking for trouble!  For this second recipe from The Comfort of Cooking, you will need a Dutch Oven.    It takes literally about ten minutes of effort.  Once you get the hand of it, you’ll be making a loaf two or three times a week!  Your morning toast and your sandwiches will never be the same again!

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